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Default The most important factor you left out....

Is the fact that you need Premium Batteries that can take the abuse, frequent discharges, abusive over charging, etc.

The answer, Advanced Glass Mat batteries. Most people probably do not realize this, but their boats and yachts were most likely built with these batteries, OEM.
Here is a short list of Manufacturers already using this technology,
These batteries can also be shipped in the
Lower 48 states!!! Contact me for more information.

Activa Alden Yachts
Alexander Marine
Asia Harbour
Blue Water Yachts
Bounty Motor Yachts
Bradley Boats
Budsin Woodcraft
Cabo Yachts
Cabo Rico Yachts
Channel Coast Yachts
Charles Didham Yachts
Cheunh Kee (friendship)
Christensen Shipyard
Custom Steel Boats, Inc.
Derecktor Shipyard
Destination yachts
Dettiling Yacht Co
Double Happiness
Dyna Craft
Eastport Electric Boat
Elco (Lung Lee)
Electric Launch Co
Grand Banks
Grand Harbour
Her Shine
Hinckley Company
Hines-Farley Offshore
Island Packet
Jenn Huei
Kady-Krogan Yachts
Kha Shing
Marine Battery OEMS

Lazzara Yachts
Lien Hwa
Lyman Morse
Maine Cat
Manta Catamarans
Moorings Ltd
Morris Yacht Co
North Coast Yacht
North Sea Yachts
Nova Marine
Ocean Alexander
Oxford Boat Yard
Pacific Seacraft Corp
Pacific Trawlers
Palmer Johnson
Performance Yachts
Pierce Yacht Co
Queen Long
Sabre Corporation
Sam L Morse Co.
San Juan
Shanghai Baodoa
Skipperliner Yachts
South Coast
Ta Chaio Chou
TA Shing
TA Yang
Tung Hwa
Vicem Yachts
Viking Yachts
Well Chance
Whiticar Boatworks
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