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Default Buc Book Appraisal Value & Price Guide for your boat or yacht!

Are you trying to establish the value of your next boat or yacht for a purchase; loan refinancing; insurance appraisal? Most all of us have heard of the N.A.D.A.; Blue Book and Buc Book appraisal guides.
All though N.A.D.A. and Blue Book is a widely recognized appraisal guide, for boat and yacht values; we recommend you use our link to BucValu price and appraisal guide edition to evaluate the boat or yacht value. Most lenders base their boat and yacht loan values on the Buc Book first to evaluate their equity position NADA secondarily if the boat or yacht doses not appear in Buc.
Should you have question regarding your boat or yacht loan value, please feel free to contact one of our financing staff to help guide you in your boat or yacht purchase. Of course we hope that you will consider Excel Credit when it comes time to finance your boat or yacht. Book mark this page for future book out information.

Click here for our BucValu.
Boat & Yacht Appraisal Guide Page
Then follow the Buc Book Boat Appraisal Guide Link:

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