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Default Life expectancy...

Okay, complete noob to boats here, but with a valid question I have not located a consistant answer to anywhere:

What is the life expectancy of a marine motor with proper care and maintenance?

Im looking at used boats, and one appears to be a complete sweetheart, but I worry about the 378 hours.

Thanks for your imput,

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what engine is it? How well has it been taken care of? Has a survey been done? will the former owner or broker show you the maintanace records. Has the the boat been sitting in salt water or is it on a trailor. 378 hours is not a lot. Especially if the boat is on a trailor.
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Since you say its 378 hours, I'm assuming it's an inboard or inboard/outboard motor...if it is Gas, your looking at about 5,000 hours being well maintained. A Diesel engine, can handle about 10,000 hours if properly maintained. The main thing is the oil changes, sometimes you should not go by the amount of hours for your interval of changing oil. When checking the oil and the oil is now turning dark then it should be changed!

If it happens to be a 2 stroke outboard engine then they do last many many years it's just keeping a good ratio of oil to gas mixture. Sometimes you would want to go a touch heavier on the oil...you may have to change the spark plugs more often because of this, but the internal workings of the engine will always be lubricated well.

The one major killer of engines is not changing the oil often enough or what's really bad is overheating any motor. Good luck on making your purchase! Hopefully this will give you a little more insight for when you make your next purchase so you won't feel like such a noob!
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