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Default Tige RZ2

The RZ2 with three men and a laptop computer on board felt so ... empty. Kind of like the instrument panel. Sitting at the helm I first noted how clean it was: a speedo, tach and nothing else, not even a switch. Canted toward me, just forward of the throttle and in plain view, was a weatherproof LCD screen with a menu of icons. This, which the company calls TigéTouch, is the iPhone of boat controls. Want all the lights on? Touch the corresponding icon on the screen. Or say you’ve been pulling wake surfers all morning, and now you want to ride. Instead of coaching a driver to hold you at 11.5 mph with 200 pounds of ballast both port and starboard and a “7” on the TAPS (Tigé Adjustable Performance System), just select your preprogrammed profile on the screen. You can set up profiles for 20 riders. TAPS allows drivers to adjust a plate (think of a trim tab), thereby changing the size and shape of the wake on the fly. Tempting as it is to lift the tab at 40- plus mph, this can cause porpoising. Find a sweet spot, just like you would when trimming an outdrive or adjusting trim tabs.

When I did open it up, our test boat’s Pleasurecraft Marine 409 (a 343 is standard) gave a top speed approaching 50 mph — an uncommonly high speed for wake boats, despite common perception. This 6.0L motor is lighter than a typical 5.7L because PCM uses aluminum heads instead of cast iron.

Our test boat also came with a four-tank, 2,000-pound ballast system. It’s nice for skilled riders, but at an additional $4,400 it isn’t for everyone. Adjusting TAPS and positioning two 190-pound passengers in each corner of the stern gave our boat ballast characteristics without water in the tanks. Lose the tanks and you’d gain storage under the bow seats and through the port console. Consider loading up those seats with people (the picklefork accommodates at least one bonus passenger) and gear. Isn’t that the whole idea of a wake boat anyway?


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