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Default Donzi 27ZR

The first thing everyone asks about a performance boat is how fast it runs. Few people think about how comfortable the passengers are when itís running fast. Enter the Donzi 27ZR.

The 27ZR is the manufacturerís entry-level go-fast model, and if people donít like riding in this boat, then chances are good they wonít upgrade to a bigger Donzi. The legendary builder knows that it needs to hook customers early in order to keep them happy. So the impetus for many of the 27ZRís design elements is ergonomic in nature.

Itís a vague term, ergonomics, so letís focus on the specifics. First, the front bolsters are lower in the 27ZR than those aboard most performance craft. This puts the driver and co-pilot in a more secure position behind the windscreen and deck when running hard. I found the driverís position more comfortable than many others ó so much so that I ran the boat right up to full throttle within seconds of taking the helm. This would be a great first-timerís performance boat.

Changes to the stringers and to some cabin elements helped increase the maximum belowdecks headroom from 4 feet to 4 feet, 7 inches ó a huge improvement on a 27-foot boat, which will allow easier access to the sleeping berth. Donzi designed the stringers so theyíre lower and wider, which made lowering the cabin sole possible. Additionally, the company went with a foambacked headliner glued to the underside of the deck instead of a suspended version that ate up valuable inches of headroom.

The twin-step bottom delivers the crisp handling and speed that made Donzi famous, and the boat ran well with a 425 hp 496 MAG HO, hitting 70.1 mph. My test model handled wind gusts and chop with sure-footed confidence. Balsa coring and precise resin distribution from vacuum bagging kept the ride solid in the chip and the passengers secure in their seats. Itís what weíve learned to expect from Donzi.


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