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Red face Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, Funny but True

Sport Fishing in Costa Rica, Funny but True

I was fishing out of Flamingo with my brother and three other friends on a 47 foot Buddy Davis. We were with a very experience captain and two mates. We had not dropped our hooks only for about 10 minute when we hooked up with 110 pound class Sailfish and this continued about every 15 minute, another sail one, after another.

When it came to my brother’s turn to take the rod, he hooked 210-pound Yellow Fin Tuna. Now not only dose this feel as if you have a Volkswagen on your line, five minute into the fight the handle on the $500 Pen Reel he was using came off in his right hand. When this happened the mate tried unsuccefully to repair the reel.

So my brother was force to fight the fish with reel turn on its side, handle side up forcing the crank down on the reel where it was supposed to be securely connected. All the while reeling the fish, after about a half hour the captain yells to my brother, “You have him worn out now” I was not sure if he was talking to my brother or the Tuna. As this is going on the mate continues to put ice chips in my brothers mouth to keep him hydrated, he was sweating profusely.

Shortly there my friend says to my brother, “ come on Steve you got that fish right where he wants ya!!!” Everyone had a good laugh on that comment. After 59 minute he finally land the monster Yellow Fin. The mate filleted some of the tuna right on the spot and everyone enjoyed fresh Sushi. We continued to slay the fish the rest of the day could not have been better. Wait I am not finished yet. Now this was our fist real adventure in sport fishing and a bit naive. We had onboard about 220 pounds of dressed out Yellow Fin Tuna; the captain asked us what we wanted done with the fish.

So we decide to have enough sent to the hotel resterant to feed us that night and told him to keep the rest. Then we gave him a $200 tip, figuring that was generous. The next morning general manager from the hotel inquired as to how we did. My brother told him how well we had done and about his fight with the Yellow Fin Tuna and that eaten some the night before. He asked what are you going to do with the rest of the tuna? My brother responed we let the captain keep it. The hotel manger replied, hell I would have comped your entire week including dinner and drinks, which was well over $1300. The moral if there is one, ask questions first, Yellow Fin Tuna market price then $35 per pound.

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Pretty interesting. Your brother probably had a rough time keeping hold of that fish. I am shocked that the hotel manager said that he would give you an entire week of dinner and drinks...

So basically you had around $7700 worth fish on your boat that day No wonder the manager was going to give you $1300 worth of dinner and drinks.
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Wow...I guess it pays to check market prices! LOL
“Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it.” ~ David Lee Roth
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