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Default Best Tips for Beginner Water Skiers

Who knows better than boaters what it takes to get a water skier up for the first time? We polled our Facebook fans and compiled the tips for a can't miss guide to getting a beginner up on skis for the first time!
  1. Wear a life jacket - Ryan M.
  2. Point your toes at the boat - Gary B.
  3. Go slow - Robin J.
  4. If you fall, let go of the rope - Larry G.
  5. Lean back, not forward - Lynn S.
  6. Keep your knees bent - Bryson H.
  7. Let the boat do the work, don't try and pull yourself up - Matt B.
  8. Dress appropriately - one-piece suits for girls and tightly tied trunks for boys -Jim T.
  9. Push the board against the water with your legs, don't try to drag yourself up with your arms - Isabelle F. W.
  10. If you get tired, stop, rest awhile, reflect on what worked and what didn't, then try again! - Mark M.
  11. Don't give up, I was 35 years old when I learned so if I can do it anyone can! - Gary B.

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